The poetry of growth is all around us. Often revealing to us the possibilities of becoming better than before. Such is the world of the sciences. Studying these possibilities creates a circle of potential that any student would be pleased to be a part of. Learn about CSU's Biological Sciences program.

The Biological Sciences Program

The Department of Biological Sciences is committed to providing a rigorous curriculum to meet the needs of our diverse student population through courses, guided research and service opportunities. We strive to prepare our students for professional careers, advanced studies and to become global citizens. To this end, our programs foster an environment that encourages a strong educational foundation that is supported by innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, and community service.

With a degree in the Biological Sciences, your career path can lead to...

  • Health Care
  • Environmental Management/Conservation
  • Forensic Sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Education

While certain fields and levels of concentration may require additional education, a degree from CSU’s College of Arts and Science is the basis for a broad and unique career path! If anything interests you about this career path, click the button below fill out the form! 


Deborah Myles

Deborah Myles

A recent CSU graduate, Deborah majored in environmental biology and minored in chemistry. Taking the huge opportunity to study abroad, Deborah was able to work on and research current environmental trends in the Philippines. Her work there has prompted her to continue her studies, as she plans to further advance within the environmental sciences.