From start to finish, no matter the beginning or the end, you’ll always remember how you got there. The road of exploration is yours to take. Who knows, maybe your journey will take you into science. Learn about CSU's Department of Chemistry, Physics and Engineering Studies. 

The Department of Chemistry, Physics and Engineering Studies

Within CSU's College of Arts and Sciences, the Department of Chemistry, Physics and Engineering Studies provides classroom education and laboratory training in the fields of chemistry and physics. Our intent is that our graduates may be competitive in a broad range of professional careers, including the health sciences, education, business engineering and research. By providing high quality coursework, diverse program options, research and outreach opportunities for (both) science and engineering majors and the general CSU student population, we aid students in developing content knowledge, an understanding of the nature of science, and expert-like attitudes about science and engineering.  

With a degree from the Department of Chemistry, Physics and Engineering Studies, your career path can lead to...

  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Military Science and Technology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Aeronautics 

While certain fields and levels of concentration may require additional education, a degree from CSU’s College of Arts and Science is the basis for a large and unique career path! If anything interests you about this career path, click the button below and fill out the form!



Rodney Carmona

Rodney Carmona is a physics major at CSU. Having career aspirations that will literally reach for the stars, Rodney is already an experienced professional in his field. As a student, Rodney has presented his research findings at conferences and has attended scientific symposiums on behalf of CSU’s physics program. Rodney plans to obtain his doctorate and move on to the United States Air Force, where he plans to specialize in propulsion systems for NASA.