With the landscape of business being exciting, enticing and profitable, careers centered around it are in high demand. Institutions with high-quality curricula have become sought after by many looking to become financial professionals and achieve their dreams. Are you looking to make your dream a reality? Where can you go to learn how to navigate risks and earn the rewards? Learn about CSU's Finance program.

The Finance Program

The Finance Program is housed within the College of Business. Finance students study corporate financial management, capital markets, investment evaluation and decision making, and portfolio management. They study the concepts and the methods of financial theory that are current in industry and research.

With a degree in Finance, your career path can lead to...

  • Corporate Finance
  • Commercial Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Financial Planning
  • Consulting

The career paths associated with a degree in business are especially unique, as there are several tracks to choose from. Having a degree in business can lead to entrepreneurship as well. If these career options interest you in any way, click the button below and fill out the form!



John Meyer

Graduating from CSU in 1987, John used his degree in finance to become an entrepreneur. Continuing his education onward, he continued to lay down the foundation of his dream. As of today, John’s BJ’s Market is running strong with multiple locations.