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Search Committee Members


Nicholas A. Gowen, Esq., Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees
Tiffany R. Harper, Esq., Trustee, Board of Trustees

 CSU Administration
Arrileen Patawaran, Executive Director of Budgeting

 CSU Civil Service
Ms. Bobbie Stewart, Director of Cashiering Services

CSU Faculty
Dr. Alex Kantorovich, College of Pharmacy
Dr. Louis McFarland, College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Ernst Coupet, College of Business
Dr. Patricia Steinhaus, College of Education
Dr. Elizabeth Wittbrodt, College of Health Sciences|
Ms. Rosalind Fielder-Giscombe, Library

CSU Students
Miranda Terry, Undergraduate
Adria Castro, Honors College*

Mr. Michael LaFargue, (Alumnus), President of the West Chesterfield Community Association

*Added March 15, 2018

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