The Career Development Center aspires to be a comprehensive career information and preparation resource for students, graduates, and alumni. The Career Development Center seeks to guide students through the process of career goal setting and attainment: providing outstanding career development services, utilizing best practices, facilitating educational and experiential application. By guiding students, graduates and alumni, while educating them on making informed career choices, decisions, and contributions in a global society.


The Career Development Center prepares Chicago State University students, graduates and alumni to begin successful and fulfilling careers by providing career development and job search services. The center utilizes career education activities and employer organizations throughout the US to accomplish its mission.


The Chicago State University Career Development Center shall embrace and
adhere to the following values:


We value providing an environment that is welcoming and responsive to students' graduates, alumni and employer partners.

Student Centered

We will provide our students with optimal customer service.


We value providing a culture of inclusion while working with students and employer partners.


We value and respect professional standards set forth by the national Association of Colleges and Employers and Chicago State University.

Employer Partnership

We value establishing professional relationships that provide beneficial opportunities for students.


We value providing services that are accessible to students, graduates and employer partners.


We value the demonstration of responsibility and accountability.

Best Practices

We value the application of Ethics, Diversity, Accessibility, Integrity and Student Centered Service.

Job Location Development (JLD)

The JLD program is designed to assist currently enrolled undergraduate students with locating part-time or full-time jobs to aid in the development of basic employment skills and experiences. Jobs can be temporary or permanent and may vary in salary requirements.

Minority Internship Program

For more information contact:
Mr. Christopher Williams, Minority Internship Program Director
ADM 255
Phone: 773-995-3872

The Minority Internship Program is designed specifically for full-time undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at Chicago State, Governors State, Northeastern Illinois, Eastern Illinois and Western Illinois Universities. The program is open to African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans (or Pacific Islanders), Native Americans and Alaskan Natives. Selection is competitive and applicants must follow application process.

Minority Internship Program Application (.pdf)

Application Instructions

  1. Obtain and read the brochure describing the Internship Program thoroughly before completing the application process. All responses should be typewritten.
  2. Write a 3-5 page , double spaced, typed essay and submit it with the completed application. In the essay, discuss your goals for the internship and comment on: Skills and talents that you have developed in volunteer, academic or work settings, and wish to continue to develop during the internship; areas of expertise you hope to develop; ways in which an internship experience will enhance your academic program; and plans for the future personal, academic and professional development.
  3. Ask three people to submit letters of recommendation on your behalf. At least two of the people should be individuals who can evaluate your academic work.
  4. Arrange to have the most recent college and/or university transcripts submitted directly from the Registrar's Office.
  5. Submit an updated copy of your resume.