Faculty and Staff

Dr. Tim Harrington, Chairperson
Location: ED 318
Phone: 773-995-2059
Email: tharring@csu.edu

Ms. Aurelia Serbia, Office Administrator
Location: ED 318
Phone: 773.821.2831
Email: aserbia@csu.edu

Dr. Douglas Lia
Location: ED 245
Phone: 773.995.2315
Email: dlia@csu.edu

Dr. Chyrese Wolf
Location: ED 225
Phone: 773.995.2370
Email: cwolf@csu.edu

Dr. Dennis Federico
Location: ED 210
Phone: 773.995.2315

Dr. Margaret Kelly
Location: ED 243,

Email: mkelly@csu.edu

Ms. Debra Bell-Griffin
Certification Counselor and MAT Advisor
Location: ED 214
Phone: 773. 995.3688
Email: dbell26@csu.edu