Study Abroad - Course SAB 4980/5980

The table below shows that support was provided for two (2) students to study abroad and two (2) to study in rural settings. The remainder of support was provided for clinical experiences in urban settings. Figures in the table will be used as baseline for expanding student involvement in national and international experiences in the future.

Students Participating in Diverse Clinical Experiences 2010-2011
Year Study Abroad Egypt Urban Setting CPS Technology Training Program Study Rural Setting
Summer 2010 2 4    
Fall 2010   13 13  
Spring 2011   8   2
Summer 2011   5    

The following describes the above experiences:

  1. Two students participated in the summer summer 2010 Study Abroad Internship to Egypt.
  2. Thirteen students participation in CPS Technology Training Program, Fall 2010.
  3. Two received travel expenses to the Morris-Minnesota Rural Internship, spring 2011.
  4. In an effort to continue to build urban, rural, and international partnerships, 5 students completed summer internships in the Jefferson County Public Schools District, Louisville Kentucky, summer 2011.
  5. COFPS will continue to support action research with the completion of Intern Work Samples (IWS) fall of 2010 through 2015.

In addition, plans are being made for an international experience to Spain in 2012 and a return internship experience (first trip taken in Summer 2009) with partners, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Science in Kaohsiung, and the Education Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government, Taiwan, and Kaohsiung.

  • FB/TIP Study Abroad - Urban Setting Summer 2010
  • FB/TIP Study Abroad - Summer 2011