General Student Teaching Policies

Attendance at Field and University Sites

There is no provision for absence during student teaching. The student teacher should be present and prompt each day he/she is assigned to the school. In case of unexpected absence (illness, death in immediate family, or other extreme circumstances), the field-based supervisor, site administrator, and the campus-based supervisor should be notified immediately. No more than five (5) absences can be made up. All make-up days must be within five (5) days after the scheduled end of the student teaching experience. More than five absences will result in an incomplete or a failing grade. Student teachers must sign-in at the time of arrival and sign-out at the time of departure daily.

Site-based attendance may include institute days, report card pick-up days and other activities scheduled at the school site.

Attendance is also required at student teaching seminars that are scheduled on campus. Student teaching seminars are usually held on Wednesday afternoons, but may vary byprogram. Consult your academic department to verify which day you are expected on campus to attend the seminar.

Attendance is validated using Student Teacher Time Report document.

Length of Day

Each student teacher must remain in the school the number of hours per day required of teachers in the school in which he/she is assigned. This includes parent conferences and other activities related to student teaching. Hours not spent in teaching must be spent engaged in some educationally related task.

Substitute Teaching

The student teacher is not allowed by state mandate to serve as a substitute teacher during the student teaching experience. The cooperating teacher is expected to be available to oversee activities of the student teacher all times while he or she is interfacing with student learners.


The final grade in student teaching may be an A, B, or F. It is based on successful completion of 16 weeks of the student teaching experience and meeting the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards, Core Technology Standards and Core Language Arts Standards as evidenced by a passing score on the Assessment of Professional Teaching(APT) Test. The final grade is reported on the Student Teacher Final Evaluation Report form.

All candidates must pass the Assessment of Professional Teaching (APT) Test in order to receive a passing grade (A or B) for student teaching. Candidates are not permitted to graduate or recommended for teacher certification if they have not passed the APT test. The deadline to take the test prior to completion of student teaching is:

  • Fall semester student teaching – Final November test date
  • Spring semester student teaching – Final February test date

COE - Grievance Policy - 2011-2012 (pdf)