Student Teaching Orientation


Spring 2012

General Orientation for All Student Teacher Candidates:
Date: Wednesday, January 11, 2012;
Time: 10:15AM - 3PM; Place: Education Building 102

Campus Based Supervisors' Meeting:
Date: Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Time: 1-2PM; Place: ED 102

Student Teaching Dates

January 17 - May 11, 2012
1st 8 Weeks: January 17 -March 9, 2012
2nd 8 Weeks: March 12- May 11, 2012

Student Teaching

Student teaching is the final component of the pre-clinical experience.

Students are required to complete 16 weeks of observing, planning, teaching and managing the classroom. The unit’s mission is fulfilled when the mandated pre-clinical experience and student teaching have been successfully completed.

The purpose of the Student Teaching/Clinical Practice experience is to provide an opportunity for students to apply educational theory in an off-campus classroom setting. The student teacher is responsible for guiding and directing the learning of students under the supervision and direction of a competent, certified teacher (field-based supervisor). As a result of the study of educational theory and its application in the school assignment, the student teacher will develop a philosophy of education appropriate for a democratic society. Student Teaching is a cooperative venture between Chicago State University and school systems (public and private) that involves a team approach to the development of a new teacher.

The Chicago State University Student Teaching Program is designed to provide the student teacher with a carefully structured, closely supervised experience in classroom teaching. Student teaching, the culmination of the teacher education preparation program, is one of the most important experiences and often the most memorable one in the development of a teacher. Student teaching provides opportunities for aspiring teachers to observe experienced teachers, practice newly emerging teaching skills, and apply knowledge gained from university coursework to the actual context of elementary and secondary schools. It is also a time to reflect upon the social, psychological and pedagogical aspects of classroom and school life.

Success in student teaching depends upon the depth of the student teacher’s commitment and willingness to learn and profit from this experience. It also depends on the willing cooperation and expertise of individuals who direct, support and guide the student teacher.

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