Center for Urban Research and Education





About Us

The CSU College of Education Center for Urban Research and Education (CURE) is a research and development hub that promotes academic excellence, systemic school improvement, and social justice through collaborative research, public dialogue, and strategic partnerships with schools and community-based organizations in high-needs neighborhoods on Chicago’s south side and contiguous suburbs. 

What We Do

Conduct Collaborative Research and Development on critical issues facing urban learners of all ages from pre-kindergarten through graduate school

 Engage in Public Dialogue about the impediments and possibilities for improving the educational opportunities of all students, with particular emphasis on culturally and linguistically diverse youth and adults in urban settings

 Establish and Sustain Partnerships with schools and community-based organizations in need of technical assistance, professional development, and the design, implementation, and evaluation of interventions that foster high-performing schools and cultivate academic excellence among urban students

 Guiding Principles

  CURE is committed to… 

  • connecting scholarly activities to the concerns of students and their communities.
  • keeping issues of equity and access central to its work. 
  • examining and expanding the repertoire of solutions to urban educational problems.