Doctoral Studies

The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership degree is designed to develop excellent educational leaders who are well rounded in research and theory in the organizational, sociological, legal, economic, political, philosophical and historical foundations of education.

Our doctoral program has been designed to prepare leaders and administrators for service in a variety of organizational settings. Components of the degree program include the cohort model (wherein all students in the cohort begin and complete their core courses at the same time), application of theory to practice, action science, group presentations, theme-based and program-based seminars, frequent colloquia and many other experiences deemed current and appropriate for doctoral students. Our expectations are that students completing the program will be prepared as knowledgeable and skilled practitioners fully equipped for success in a dynamic and changing world.

Applicants are expected to demonstrate acumen in writing, problem solving, data analysis, and the use of educational technology. Further, applicants are expected to demonstrate understanding of the principles, modes of inquiry, and content of educational administration and supervision.

The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership program requires 54 semester hours of coursework, including 42 hours of core courses and 12 hours of dissertation writing.  In addition to the required coursework, the doctoral program in Educational Leadership includes a qualifying examination (administered after the core coursework is completed), the dissertation, and the dissertation defense. Further, for interested doctoral students who already hold the Illinois Type 75 Administrative Certificate, successful completion of the program may lead also to the Superintendent’s Endorsement.

Fact Sheet (pdf)