Faculty Writing Group

The Faculty Writing Group (FWG) functions as a system of community, support, and accountability for the production of academic scholarship at Chicago State University. It is grounded in the idea that as academic writers, we—professors and instructors in the College of Education—have specific needs to sit down and write. For example, some people may need to physically share space with others while writing, some need a peer or mentor to answer to, some need solitude, some need a quantitative record of their progress, some need to be in groups with similar others, some need to be regularly motivated, some need ongoing substantive feedback in their area of expertise, and some need all of these at different times. The FWG aims to help faculty go about meeting such needs.

How it Works?

Three different sub-groups or small writing circles meet on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to construct and keep to a writing schedule for an entire semester. How each writing circle sets scholarship goals and holds members accountable for making the slow and deliberate progress toward those goals varies:

Accountability Circle

At the beginning of the term, each member of the Accountability Circle creates a semester plan that clarifies the specific writing projects that will be completed over the course of the term and associated due dates. Thereafter, this circle meets weekly for 45 minutes and each member discusses:

  1. the writing goals for the previous week,
  2. whether or not the goals were met,
  3. if not, why, and
  4. the writing goals for the upcoming week.

For more information, email: Dr. Jamilah R. Jor'dan, Interim Dean, College of Education, jjordan@csu.edu

Write-on-Site Circle

This circle meets bi-weekly for 120 minutes at a designated place and time to write. 

Traditional Circle

This circle meets monthly for 90 minutes to read, critique, and provide substantive feedback on each other’s written work. 

Ready to Join?

If you would like to join the Faculty Writing Group, email:  Dr. Jamilah R. Jor'dan, Interim Dean, College of Education, jjordan@csu.edu