Mission Statement

Our mission as an organization is to perform service to the community on and off campus, perform service to professional organizations such as IAPHERD, AAPHERD, IPRA, NRPA, NTRS, and NIRSA, contribute to and foster professional interaction and growth among the membership, and serve as a social organization for Physical Education and Recreation majors.

Professional Development Opportunities

We promote and strongly encourage our members to meet practitioners and enhance their network through volunteer opportunities that we provide and attending professional conferences as well. We also encourage our members to become involved in professional organizations.

Social Gatherings

Our members create a team building atmosphere through social interaction during our outings. So far we've had pizza parties, we've ran 5k's together, and play table games such as cards games and bean bags tournaments.

Any student that is interested in joining please contact Gerard Maslanka at gmaslank@csu.edu or Dr. Buck at sbuck@csu.edu.