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Chicago State University
College/University Committee Representatives and Department Chairpersons

College Committee

Curriculum Committee - Dr. Elizabeth Wittbrodt
Faculty Development Committee - Dr. Alfreda Beth
Social Committee - Dr. Regina Smith

College Task Forces

Alumni Association - Vacant
College Interdisciplinary Courses Dr. Yashika Watkins
Library Liaison - Dr. Regina Smith
Interprofessional Education - Dr. Stephanie Zuba Bates

University Committees

University Budget Committee-vacant
University Curriculum - Dr Regina Smith
IRB Representative - Dr. Alfreda Beth
College / University Assessment Committee - Dr. Yashika Watkins
General Education Committee - Dr. Stephanie Zuba-Bates
Program Review Committee - Dr. Sarah Austin
Honor's College Advisory Board -Dr. Joseph Balogun
University Personnel Committee - Dr. Elizabeth Wittbrodt
University Distance Education - vacant
University Senate - Dr. Elizabeth Wittbrodt, Dr. Yashika Watkins
Commencement Committee - Dr. Regina Smith, Dr. Yashika Watkins, Dr. Alfreda Beth

Academic Department Chairpersons

Health Studies - vacant
Occupational Therapy - Dr. Leslie Roundtree
Health Information Administration - Adrianne Borden
Nursing - Dr. Tyra Dean-Ousley

Service Units

Director, Wellness/Health Center - Dr. Lisa Young