Program Assessment

Department Assessment Plan 2015/2016 Academic Year     Assessment image

The Department of Health Studies maintains an assessment plan for its academic programs. The results are submitted in yearly reports to the University Assessment Committee. 

Assessment of Student Learning

The Department of Health Studies student learning is based on six Students Learning Outcomes. The assessment plan includes the following measures:

  • Direct measures such as Portfolio/Capstone project evaluation
  • Indirect measures which include student exit survey, alumni and employers' surveys.

Classroom Teaching Effectiveness

Faculty use formal and informal assessments in the classroom to improve their instruction. The department chair and peers evaluate the classroom teaching effectiveness of faculty. In addition, students are encouraged to complete course evaluations for each instructor at the end of the semester through the Cougar Connect portal. These evaluations are reviewed by the respective faculty, and the department chair. Results from the students, peers and chair evaluations are used to improve the faculty teaching effectiveness within the department.

Department Effectiveness Outcomes

The Department of Health Studies' effectiveness is evaluated using the College of Health Sciences key performance indicators (KPIs) such as number of students enrolled, retention and graduation rates, number of graduates produced, number of students participating in service learning and faculty scholarship productivity.

Documents For Reference

Assessment plan for Community Health program (.pdf) (.doc)
Assessment Report for Community Health program (.pdf) (.doc)

Summary of Trend [Community Health – Undergraduate and Graduate Majors] (.pdf) (.doc)

Assessment plan for MPH program (.pdf) (.doc)

Assessment report for MPH program (.pdf) (.doc)