Dr. BrittThomas Britt, MD, MPH, Department Chair. 
Clinical Sciences and Health Policy

William Ebomoyi, PhDWilliam Ebomoyi, PhD; Post Doctorate (NIH)
Professor of Epidemiology Science

J BalogunJoseph Balogun, PT, PhD, FACSM
Distinguished Professor, PT/Research Methods/Biostatistics/Alternative Health Care
Tanya Tanya Sobosan, MSW, LCSW
Assistant to the Chair

Dr. AmuwoAlfred Beth, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology/Biostatistics/Research Methods & Surveillance

Yashika Watkins, PhD, MPHYashika Watkins, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor, Health Policy and Administration
Ms. AnguhIvonne Anguh, MPH, MBA, PhD (c)
Coordinator of MPH and Community health Practicum,
Service Learning Fieldwork and Community Health Program
Dr. LyonsThomas Lyons, PhD
Assistant Professor, Research Methods and HIV/AIDS Prevention
Dr. WilliamsPatrick B. Williams, PhD, CHES
Associate Professor, Health Promotion/Human Behavior
Quintin L. Williams Jr., PhD
Assistant Professor, Environmental Health Sciences
Stephen A. Martin Jr., PhD Adjunct Faculty
Mr. Kenneth Campbell, Adjunct Faculty
Mr. Eric Meredith, Adjunct Faculty
 Ms. Tonya Roberson, Adjunct Faculty