William ebomoyi   

William Ebomoyi, PhD; Post Doctorate (NIH)

Department Chair

Professor of Epidemiology Science

Office: DH 127

Email: eebomoyi@csu.edu

Phone: (773)995-2527

DR BALogun

Joseph Balogun, PT, PhD, FACSM
Distinguished Professor, PT/Research Methods/Biostatistics/Alternative Health Care

Office: BHS 425

Email: jbalobun@csu.edu

Phone: (773)995-3508


Alfreda Beth, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology/Biostatistics/Research Methods & Surveillance

Office: BHS 429

Email: ahollo21@csu.edu

Phone: (773)995-3961 



Thomas Britt, MD, MPH
Clinical Sciences and Health Policy

Office: BHS 120E

Email: tbritt@csu.edu

Phone: (773)821-2201


Tanya Sobosan, MSW, LCSW
Assistant to the Chair

Office: DH 120C

Email: tsobosan@csu.edu

Phone: (773)995-2512 

Yashika Watkins, PhD, MPH

Yashika Watkins, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor, Health Policy and Administration

Office: BHS 204

Email: ywatkins@csu.edu

Phone: (773)995-3910 

Mr. Kenneth Campbell, Adjunct Faculty
Ms. Tonya Roberson, Adjunct Faculty