The College of Health Sciences offers a minor in health sciences to students who may wish to pursue a career in the health field. Any student enrolled at Chicago State University with a defined major field of study may elect to obtain a minor in health sciences to enhance their education and employment prospects.

The minor in Health Sciences requires 20 credits; three core courses, which includes the recently introduced service learning course (HSC 3321) ; medical terminology HSC 1140, and Introduction to Health Profession HSC 1150 and 12 hours of electives. The minor must be completed before graduation and student must attain a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or better. A grade of C or better is required in all courses accepted towards the minor.

Required Courses
8 credit hours
H SC 104, 150 and 321

Elective Courses
12 credit hours
Selected 12 hours from the following: H SC 190, 210, 215, 220, 250, 255, 265, 299, 311, *312, 320, 375; HIA 201; OT 201; PT 301.

*HSC 3321 (Service Learning in Health ) is a mandatory course for all students enrolled in the College of Health Sciences.

Equivalent courses from other institutions will be considered. The Dean of the College of Health Sciences may approve substitution of required and/or elective courses. Requirement for the minor must be completed prior to graduation.

Prospective students should contact Ms. Ivonne Anguh at 773-995-2554/ ianguh@csu.edu or the Chairperson of the Department of Health Studies for further information on the Minor in Health Sciences:

Thomas Britt
Office: 773-821-4951
E-mail: tbritt@csu.edu