Instructional Program

 At CSU, students pursue the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree. The CSU–COP Pharm.D. program prepares the student for entry into the profession of pharmacy. The entire program requires a total of six years of coursework, the first two years at CSU or another college and the final four years at CSU–COP. During their four years at CSU–COP, students complete a total of 141 semester hours of credit; 92 credit hours in required courses, 8 credit hours in professional elective courses, and 41 credit hours in experiential education.


CSU-COP Professional Curriculum

 Course TitleCredits
Fall P-1
6110Pharmacy Physiology5
6111Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms I – Solid Dosage Forms3
6113Pharmaceutical Biochemistry I - Macromolecules and Metabolism3
6120Introduction to Pharmacy and Health Care Systems3
6121Professional Practice I – Introduction to Pharmacy Practice3 (17)
Spring P-1
6114Pharmaceutical Biochemistry II - Molecular Biology and Pharmacogenetics3
6112Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms II – Solid Dosage Forms3
6115Microbiology and Immunology4
6123Research Methods and Pharmacoepidemiology3
6124Patient Assessment2
6122Professional Practice II - Public Health and Wellness2 (17)
Fall P-2
6213Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms III - Sterile Products2
6211Principles of Pharmacokinetics3
6222Literature Evaluation and Evidence Based Medicine2
6231Drug Action, Structure, and Therapeutics I - Introduction3
6232Drug Action, Structure, and Therapeutics II – Nutrition, ANS, and Cardiovascular I4
6225Applied Patient Care I3 (17)
Intersession P-2
6223Professional Practice III - Institutional Orientation1 (1)
Spring P-2
6227Pharmacy Law and Ethics3
6226Applied Patient Care II3
6233Drug Action, Structure, and Therapeutics III – Cardiovascular II and Renal4
6234Drug Action, Structure, and Therapeutics IV – Endocrine, Pulmonary, and Genitourinary4
6224Professional Practice IV - Institutional2
65XXProfessional Electives2 (18)
Fall P-3
6321Pharmacy Practice Management3
6335Drug Action, Structure, and Therapeutics V – Gastrointestinal, Immunological, and CNS I4
6336Drug Action, Structure, and Therapeutics VI - CNS II and Acute Care4
6322Disease and Medication Therapy Management I3
65XXProfessional Electives2-4
Spring P-3
6324Health Economics and Drug Treatment Outcomes2
6323Disease and Medication Therapy Management II2
6327Complementary Medicine2
6337Drug Action, Structure, and Therapeutics VII – Infectious Disease4
6338Drug Action, Structure, and Therapeutics VIII – Virology, Oncology, and Toxicology4
6325Professional Practice V – Applied Practice Skills1
65XXProfessional Electives2-4
Summer P-4
6326Professional Practice V - Applied Practice Skills1
6421Introduction to Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience0
64XXAdvanced Pharmacy Practice Experience5 (6)
Fall P-4
64XXAdvanced Pharmacy Practice Experience5
64XXAdvanced Pharmacy Practice Experience5
64XXAdvanced Pharmacy Practice Experience5 (15)
Spring P-4
64XXAdvanced Pharmacy Practice Experience5
64XXAdvanced Pharmacy Practice Experience5
64XXAdvanced Pharmacy Practice Experience5 (15)

Professional Electives

During their years of study at the CSU–COP, students complete a minimum total of 8 hours of elective credit.

Professional Practice Experiences

Students must successfully complete 41 credit hours of practical experience during the academic program. Students are required to complete introductory pharmacy practice experiences during the first through third professional years and advanced pharmacy practice experiences during the fourth professional year. During these experiences, students will spend time in a variety of pharmacy practice settings to develop the necessary skills for contemporary pharmacy practice.

The CSU–COP reserves the right to alter its curriculum, however, and whenever it deems appropriate.

Enrollment Status

Full time enrollment is required of all students in the College. Enrollment begins in the Fall semester only. It is not possible to begin the program in the Spring semester.