For the Preceptor

Welcome to the Chicago State University College of Pharmacy (CSU-COP)! We are excited about you partnering with our College to educate future pharmacists.

The Chicago State University College of Pharmacy continually seeks preceptors who are willing to work with us to achieve our goals of preparing and empowering pharmacy students to become competent providers of pharmacy care in all practice settings.

On this website preceptors will find an array of useful information and resources including training and education materials as well as information on becoming a preceptor for our College.

Preceptor Newsletter

Preceptor and Site Criteria

To maintain a quality experiential education program, the following criteria are required of all preceptors:

  • The preceptor must be licensed and in good standing by the respective board of pharmacy as required by the practice environment;
  • The preceptor must have at least one year of pharmacy practice experience as a pharmacist with at least six months of experience at the respective practice site;
  • The preceptor must complete the CSU-COP Preceptor Orientation module and the preceptor should be willing to attend University and/or College sponsored educational and training programs aimed to expand the knowledge base in effective teaching strategies, pedagogical theories and application, and other techniques to facilitate student learning;
  • If not having prior served as a preceptor, the preceptor must complete the appropriate Preceptor 101 track module which focuses on general and introductory concepts of effective teaching in a professional practice setting; and
  • The preceptor must complete a Preceptor Application for Faculty Appointment, adhere to a philosophy of education that is consistent with the educational mission of CSU-COP and adhere to all guidelines of the program.

Additionally, the pharmacy must:

  • Be licensed and in good standing by the respective board of pharmacy and other applicable regulatory entities as required by the practice environment;
  • In conjunction with CSU-COP, fully execute and abide by all conditions and requirements as contained within the “Affiliation Agreement for Student Placements in a Practice Setting” or other agreement as mutually agreed upon by the practice site and CSU-COP;
  • Submit a “Pharmacy Practice Experience Site Profile” to the Office of Experiential Education; and
  • Exhibit a commitment to the education of students by fostering an environment that nurtures student learning; encourages adequate and meaningful interactions with patients and staff; possess the appropriate technology and resources to support student pharmacist training; and be devoted to providing patient-centered care consistent with contemporary pharmacy practice.