Programs and Services

“The mere imparting of information is not education. Above all things, the effort must result in making a man think and do for himself.” – Carter G. Woodson

The AAMRC prides itself in providing spaces of learning that holistically educate and develop Black men to do and think for themselves. Through a variety of programs, workshops, and services we focus on increasing academic development, political consciousness, financial literacy, self-confidence, cultural-esteem, and professional maturity. Below are programs and services offered throughout the school year:



Academic Study Tables


Structured study halls are implemented every week. Students receive document review and editing services, peer-tutoring in the subjects of English and Math, and free printing for academic assignments.   


“Road to PhD” Graduate School Prep Series

 The AAMRC upholds the core values of intellectual development and lifelong learning by preparing CSU students for the next phase of education: graduate school. Exploring suitable graduate programs, constructing attractive academic resumes/CVs, and outlining successful personal statements are the major topics covered.

Money Moves” Financial Education Series

The AAMRC collaborates with Seaway-Self Help Federal Credit Union to facilitate financial literacy workshops to our student body. Topics include building good credit while in college, creating financial discipline as a young adult, and learning how to gain wealth with limited assets.

Scholarship Search Sessions

The AAMRC offers scholarship advising throughout the semester. These are intrusive advising sessions as the facilitator works with the student to explore scholarships and grants applicable to the student’s major and grade point average.

ASAFO Book Club

Asafo means warrior in the Twi language of Ghana. With the aim to be “scholar-warriors,” the AAMRC organizes book study groups each semester which offers texts on Black culture, masculinity, and leadership.

Garvey Speaks

Each semester, the AAMRC facilitates workshops aimed at developing the public speaking skills of our participants. Through intrusive advising and constructive feedback, our goal is to transform each student into a effective orator.

 Cultural Excursion Projects

In 2015, the U.S. State Department revealed that out of all the students in the United States who have the opportunity to study abroad, only 5% of those students are African-American. Furthermore, the Association for American Colleges and Universities (AACU) suggest that out-of-classroom learning experiences positively impact student retention, especially for minorities. The AAMRC aims to uphold CSU's values of learning diversity by implementing cultural excursions: structured travel-abroad activities that challenge students culturally, socially, and personally.

“Freedom Fighter Fridays”

In efforts to promote social justice awareness and political consciousness, the AAMRC implements a series of workshops and dialogues which focus on members of various liberation organizations who have positively portrayed political activism and social advocacy.

Teaching & Educating Men of Black Origin (TEMBO) Academy

The AAMRC houses an African-American male leadership organization, Teaching & Educating Men of Black Origin (TEMBO). The goal of TEMBO is to create intellectually, culturally, and socially educated men. The participants of TEMBO support one another through academic study tables, scholarship fundraising, and social shared time.