Programs and Services

“Improving the status of the African American male is a subset of bettering the conditions of the African American people”

-Carl Sharif, Public Affairs Strategist

Obtaining a thorough knowledge of available services, and the means to best utilize them is a constant challenge for new and continuing students. Our academic, service, and mentoring programs are designed to support African American males in their quest for a college degree.

AAMRC TEMBO Leadership Academy

  • Internship OpportunitiesThe AAMRC offers several non-paid internship opportunities each semester to professionally develop students in the areas of teaching, lesson-planning, marketing, student recruitment, program implementation, and program evaluation, amongst other areas. If interested, please email for more information on available positions and job descriptions. 
  • Study Abroad Programs and Foreign Language Courses- The AAMRC works collaboratively with faculty from various departments to cohesively promote opportunities for students—particularly students of African-descent—to take advantage of study abroad programs and learn a foreign language. 

Round Table Discussions

Designed to provide professional development and experiential learning opportunities, students are challenged to explore various methods and tactics of effective leadership while offering opportunities for collaborative skill development. Topic areas may include training in improving grammar, etiquette, time management, and goal setting, among others.

Speaker Seminars 

These activities center on empowering African American males to experience powerful and positive images of successful men. The Center hosts panels with extraordinary men from diverse professional backgrounds providing students with the opportunity to participate in intimate discussions where they are encouraged to reflect on their academic, professional and personal goals. 

Social Networking

AAMRC Movie Night - Once a month, the Center hosts Movie Night to show a movie or documentary which sheds light on various content of importance to Black males and/or communities of color. Following each film, a dialogue with audience members will take place.