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AAMRC TEMBOTEMBO at CSU - Elephants are renowned for their memories, intelligence and sociability. It is very normal for young bulls to develop a "hero-worship" on the dominant males within their society, emulating their example and learning from them what elephants need to know to limit conflict. It is important therefore for a young bull elephant to know his place within the male hierarchy.

Equally so, it is the dominant male in society who must show the young bulls the "way of the elephant" and guide them toward learning all there is to know about being an elephant.  When elephants are denied this natural guidance, disruption in the community occurs. For more information, click here


Tembo: A Kiswahili term, meaning elephant.[Elephants are renowned for their memories, intelligence and sociability]

Akan Stool:Originated in Ghana, West Africa. Symbolizing the “Soul/Spirit of the People”

Mate Masie: Ghana /Adinkra symbol representing Wisdom & Knowledge – “I Have Keep What I Have Heard”

Akoben:Ghana /Adinkra symbol representing Collective Action, A Call to Arms, Readiness & Volunteerism.

Circle: Signifies mutual aid & support through unity.


Green:Representing growth, vitality, fertility, prosperity, fruitfulness, abundant health and spiritual rejuvenation.

Yellow: Representing sanctity, preciousness, royalty, wealth, spirituality, and vitality.