1. Why do I need to take the placement test?
It is a University wide requirement to demonstrate proficiency in English, Reading, and Math.  The purpose is to allow students to demonstrate skill level in these subject areas and be placed in a course that best match the skill level.  

2. Where can I take the test?
Douglas Hall Room 119

3. How can I prepare to take the test?
Click HERE to view a sample Accuplacer exam to help prepare you to take the test.

4. How soon will I know my test results?
Immediately after completing the test.

5. Can I retest?
There are test limits for each exam. Review the Academic Catalog or contact us via phone or email to confirm the exam can be retaken. A $25.00 fee is required per test to retake any exam.  The fee can be paid at the Cashier’s office at the Cook Administration building, Room 211.  Click here to download the retake form.

6. What happens if I don’t do well?
Since these are proficiency tests, there is no pass or fail. Instead, there is placement into courses aligned with the skills demonstrated during the test.  The assessments will determine placement into OR out of English 1230, Reading 1500, and Math 0990 Level 1 and or Level 2.  

7. Do I have to take the test as a transfer student?
Please review our page Student Test Requirement which provides more information for transfer students. 

8. Who can I contact for additional questions?
You can reach the Examination center via phone at 77.995.2646 and via email at examinations@csu.edu