Chicago State University
Frequently asked Q&A

1.If I am receiving notifications to make a refund selection, does that mean I am due a refund now?

No, you are simply being notified of the new vendor Chicago State University is using for student refund disbursements.

2.Do I need to select a refund option if I have already submitted one in the past?

Yes, all students need to make a selection since the new vendor will not have your prior information.

3.How do I make my refund selection?

1. Login to Cougar Connect

2. Click "My Info" tab

3. Click " Make Payment/ Refund Selection"

4. Enter your Cougar Connect user and password again

5. Click on the tab furthest to your right named "eRefund"

6. Click on "Bank Mobile"

7. Continue to make your refund selection

4.Do I need to make a payment plan for my current balance to make a refund selection?

No. When you log in the payment plan tab will be the first tab you will see. Simply click the tab furthest to your right named "eRefund" and continue with your selection.

5.What is Bank Mobile?

Bank Mobile is a third party vendor Chicago State University will be using to disburse student refunds. Refunds will no longer be done at the University. A selection must be made, there will no longer be a check pick up service. Checks will no longer be at the University and will be mailed out from our vendor, which will prolong the receipt of your refund.

4. What are my refund options, will I be charged fees?

Your two options are either the Vibe Card or your personal direct deposit. There are no fees for your personal bank direct deposit. All Vibe card holders will be charged a monthly fee in the amount of $1.99, you can avoid this fee by making a total of $300 in qualifying deposits each statement cycle. (As any bank you may be charged for non network ATMs/ Vibe card has 55,000 ATMs and can be easily located with their app.). Vibe Card will be mailed directly to home address. Cards will no longer be mailed to the University.

5. Can I keep using the Cougar Cash Card if it is my preference?

Yes, if your would like to continue to use your Cougar Cash Card it would now be considered your personal bank direct deposit. The bank is Central National Bank, you can access your routing and account number by calling 866-203-8721. (Any questions on fees should be directed to 866-203-8721)

6. What happens if I do not make a refund selection?

If a refund is sent to Bank Mobile and a selection is not in the system, it will automatically generate a notification to make a selection. If no selection is made, after 21 days a paper check is mailed to the address on file.

7. How will I receive my book voucher?

Your book voucher will be sent as the same selection that was made for your refund.