Procedures for reporting Scholarships, Grants, Stipends and other forms of Gift Aid


All scholarships, grants, stipends and other form of gift aid, hereafter collectively referred to as scholarships, must be reported to the CSU Scholarship Coordinator, as the receipt of same may have an effect on a student’s eligibility for other forms of financial assistance including loans and work-study funding.

If a scholarship is processed through a CSU office it is necessary for that office to notify the Scholarship Coordinator of any scholarship funds awarded to, or received by, a student.

If a student secures a scholarship on his/her own it is mandatory that the student notify the Scholarship Coordinator of that scholarship.

In order to facilitate the notification process an Award Notification form is available below for download. Please follow the directions on the form for reporting scholarship funds.

Should you have any questions please contact the Scholarship Coordinator at 773-995-3549.

2016-2017 Award Notification (.pdf)

(for the fall 2016, spring 2017 and summer 2017 semesters)
This form can be used by either students or university employees to notify the Scholarship Coordinator of scholarship funds received by a student.



You will need  get Adobe Reader  to download the forms on this web site.