The CSU Foundation Board of Directors

Kelly Hutchinson, H. Timothy Allwardt, Lisa H. Huff, Maurice Grant, Chairman

(L-R; Kelly Hutchinson, H. Timothy Allwardt, Lisa H. Huff, Maurice Grant, Chairman)

The CSU Foundation is managed by a volunteer board of business and civic leaders from across the Chicagoland area, who are dedicated to the mission and vision of Chicago State University and work diligently to maximize the effectiveness of your support.

Chicago State University Foundation

Board of Directors

Maurice Grant, Chicago, IL

Greg Hinton, Chicago, IL
Vice Chairman

Lynn C. Maddox, Chicago, IL

H. Timothy Allwardt, Chicago, IL

Frank Barre, Aurora, IL

James Botana, '85, Chicago, IL

Carolyn Clift, '78, Chicago, IL

Marlow Colvin, '00, Chicago, IL

Linda R. Crane, Chicago, IL

David A. Day, Chicago, IL

Kimi L. Ellen, Chicago, IL

Daryl Handy, '76, '81, Chicago, IL

Lisa H. Huff, Chicago, IL

Kelly N. Hutchinson, Chicago, IL

Dana London, '96, Chicago, IL

Sanja E. Noble, Chicago, IL

Kimberly McCullough, Chicago, IL

Nancy C. McKeever, '58 Chicago, IL

Michael Owens, '87, Matteson, IL

Everett Rand, Chicago, IL

Cordell Reed, Chicago, IL

Col. Eugene F. Scott (Ret.), Chicago, IL

Joan M. Solbeck, Chicago, IL

Guy F. Summers, Chicago, IL

Rahsaan W. Thompson, San Francisco, CA

Investment Manager
Felicia G. Di Silvestro, Chicago, IL

Wayne D. Watson, Ph.D.
President Chicago State University

Katéy Assem
Executive Director


CSU Foundation Board Members Emeritus

David W. Fox

HInsdale, IL

Jacoby D. Dickens

Chicago, IL


Randall C. Hampton

Chicago, IL

John Hooker

Chicago, IL

Lawrence Howe

Chicago, IL

Joseph E. Jannotta

Santa Barbara, CA

Richard M. Morrow

Chicago, IL

Donald S. Perkins

Winnetka, IL

Richard L. Thomas

Chicago, IL