B.A. RequirementsB.A. Requirements

General Requirements
Admission to the program is contingent upon good academic standing. The program will not accept transfer courses with a grade of D or below. A grade of C is required in all major courses.

Completion of 120 credit hours:
6 hours in composition
54 credit hours in general education
consisting of 18 hours in humanities
18 hours in natural sciences and mathematics, and
18 hours in social sciences
15 credit hours of specific core requirements
15 credit hours of major electives
6 hours in a single foreign language
24 credit hours of electives.

Specific Requirements
Core Courses 15 credit hours
AFAM 1000, 1010, 1020, 3010, and ELCF 3610.

Required Support Courses 15 credit hours
Select one course from each of the five categories below.
Note: Some of the courses listed below have prerequisites.

1. African American History and Politics:
POL 3500, HIST 2710, or HIST 2830.
2. African-American Literature: ENG 2910,
3220, or 3820.
3. African-American Psychology and Social
Issues: SOC 3080 or PSYC 3510.
4. Black Music, Art, and Theatre: ART 2030,
MUS 3400, or CMAT 2140.
5. Black Africa: ANTH 2120, HIST 2840, or
GEOG 3060.

Required Foreign Language Sequence
Select six hours in a single foreign language.
The department recommends AFL 1010 and 1020 or a 6-hour sequence in French or Spanish.

Elective Courses 24 credit hours
The department recommends that students distribute their electives over one or two of the concentrations listed below.

African American History and Politics:
ANTH 2510
PHIL 2400
POL 3500
HIST 2710, 2830, 3050, 3510, 3830
SOC 3080
PSYC 3510, 3530.