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The Earth is our home: what do we make of it? Geographers approach this question both from the "earth" side (through studies of landforms, weather and climate, and vegetation) and from the "home" side (through studies of architecture and planning, cities, economies, and societies). But especially they are interested in the "we" part: this is a discipline that brings together a number of fields of study to probe how people interact with their environment. Students at Chicago State University who select Geography as their major field are interested in these questions and how they apply to possible careers in planning, teaching, environmental studies, public policy, geographic information systems, and international affairs. They develop close working relationships with the advisors, faculty, and chairperson of the Department, who are always ready for advice on course selection and career planning.

The Geography program offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography. Students may pursue one of four advisement tracks: General Geography, Community Development, Environmental Justice, or Geographic Information Systems. Students may also major in Secondary Teaching in Social Studies with a Major in Geography.  Minors sequences are also available in geography and geographic information systems.

A Master of Arts degree in Geography, and a Master of Arts Degree in Geography with GIS concentration are offered. Graduate certificates are available in Geographic Information Systems and Community Development.

Students enrolled in the liberal arts concentrations may prepare for careers in diverse geographical fields including economic, recreational, and urban geography; cartography; climatology; government service; international affairs; industry; planning agencies; ecology and resource management; publishing companies; real estate; transportation corporations; neighborhood and community development; and tourism and travel agencies.

For more information concerning undergraduate and graduate programs, please contact one of our faculty advisors or click on the names below:



Dr. Janet Halpin
Office: SCI-321B
Phone: (773)995-2484


Dr. Daniel Block
Office: SCI-254
Phone: (773)995-2310