Committee Membership

The composition of the Chicago State University Institutional Review Board (IRB) is determined by the applicable federal statute (45 CFR 46 §107) where the expertise and experience of the members reflect the type of research activities commonly conducted and reviewed by the IRB. The composition of the committee reflects a diversity of interests including appropriate consideration of the racial, gender and cultural backgrounds of its members. The CSU IRB includes scientists and non-scientists, academics and community representation. The CSU IRB also maintains an active list of consultants who possess the professional competence and expertise necessary to review research activities involving specialized populations including those vulnerable categories of subjects where such expertise is required.

Current IRB Members

Delores Nobles-Knight, PharmD, MPHPharmacy
Jochebed Ade-Oshofogun, Ph.D., R.NNursing
Crystal Laura, PhDEducation
Bernard Rowan, PhDAssistant Provost, Curriculum and Assessment
Robin Hawkins, Esq.Associate General Counsel (ex officio)
Alfreda Beth, PhDHealth Studies
Corrine GrantCommunity Representative
Sherri Seyfried, Ph.D., ACSWSocial Work
Corey BuchananPrison Representative
Kelly Carroll, PhD

Child Representative, Alt. Community Representative

Janene Marshall, PharmDPharmacy

 Contact the IRB coordinator, Bobbie Harth, at or 773-995-2405 for more information.