Contract Information and Forms

Effective immediately: Contracts must be submitted on the CSU contract template with the ‘form approved April, 2017’ in the bottom right-hand corner of template. Previous versions will not be accepted. Professional and artistic services with payment of $5,000 or more to a single vendor in a fiscal year require a CSU contract. 

Contracts must be submitted, approved and executed online through CSU Buy in advance of their start date. Vendor cannot supply any goods or services prior to full execution of contract.

Complete all blank areas on form including:

Page 1:

  • Name of Vendor;
  • Address of Vendor;
  • Scopes of services to be performed;
  • List of attachments to contract (if applicable); 
  • Duration of contract;
  • Indicate if contract is renewable and length of time; 
  • Maximum price of contract;
  • Travel expenses (if applicable);
  • Method of payment.

Page 2:

  • Number of days’ written notice both parties agree to provide should either party request to terminate contract.

Page 7:

  • Vendor’s Federal I.D. Number or Social Security Number;
  • Vendor’s business designation;

Page 8:

  • Name, signature, title and signature date by Vendor.

Please click on the link below to download Contract template.

CSU Contract (pdf)

Contract amendments or renewals must be submitted on the Amendment / Renewal template and attached in CSU Buy for review and approval. 

Please note the following:   

  • Template can only be used if there is language in the original contract that specifies a renewal period (See term section of original contract.).
  • Template must be executed prior to the expiration term indicated in original contract.
  • A copy of the original contract must be attached in CSU Buy.
  • Signature by Vendor is required prior to submission in CSU Buy.

Please click on the link below to download Contract Amendment or Renewal Form.

Contract Amendment or Renewal Form (pdf)

Direct questions or inquiries regarding contracts to