Mission Statement

The Office of University Legal Counsel seeks to advance the mission of Chicago State University by providing services relating to all areas of the law and specializing in laws affecting institutions of higher education. The Office works to assist in sound decision-making in any related area of University involvement. The goal of the Office of University Legal Counsel is to provide Chicago State University with quality legal representation, to offer professional consultation in all matters of the law, and to monitor the internal and external business activities of the University to ensure legal soundness and protection. This mission is accomplished through appearances in both state and federal courtrooms; appearances at civil service, worker's compensation and unemployment hearings; overseeing all University litigation with the Office of the Illinois Attorney General; hiring and monitoring legal services provided by outside counsel, and; by advising the administration, faculty, staff and student leaders on any matters having legal significance to the management and operation of the University.

The Office of University Legal Counsel provides assistance to the University by working closely with all colleges and departments. Specifically, the Office of Human Resources and the Equal Employment Opportunity Office report directly to, and work in conjunction with, the University General Counsel in providing their services and achieving their goals. Additionally, the Office of University Counsel monitors departmental compliance with reporting requirements and University compliance with the Fair Labor Standards and Practices Act, federal and state crime reporting acts, the University Board regulations, its own internal policies and procedures, and the Chicago State University Police Crime Statistics Report. The Office also keeps the University administration up to date on all the legislation and proposed issues that could possibly affect Chicago State University, and serves an educational function by regularly instructing deans, chairs and managers about the laws, rules and policies applicable to public institutions.

The Office of the University Counsel is committed to a policy of pro-actively reducing litigation and the risks of liability, with the goal of preventing or minimizing legal risks in the performance of the daily business of the University. To further this goal, the Office establishes contacts and facilitates exposure within the higher education community by pursuing a leadership role through its membership and active participation in state and national professional associations and continuing legal education programs.