2015-2016 Parking Decals

All vehicles are required to display a Parking Decal.
All visitors, vendors, and guests must pay the daily $5.00 parking fee.
Free Pick-ups/Drop-offs are not permitted. 

Please refer to the following fees for entering and parking on the Chicago State University campus.

Purchase Parking Decals
Reserved Parking Decal (ANNUAL - as available)$310.00
Full Year Parking Decal (expires 08/31)$200.00
Residential Parking Decal (expires 08/31)$150.00
Fall Semester Parking Decal (expires 12/31)$100.00
Spring Semester Parking Decal (expires 05/31)$100.00
Summer Semester Parking Decal (expires 08/31)$50.00
Alumni Parking Decal w/alumni card (expires 08/31)$180.00
Vendor Annual Decal$200.00
Options Seasonal Decals$10.00
Second Parking Decal* (second Vehicle and/or Motorcycle)$5.00
Daily Parking$5.00
Daily Guest/ Visitor Parking$5.00
Daily Vendor/ Contractor Parking$5.00
CSU Retiree Parking Decal Annual (1 per retiree)No Charge
  • Purchase your Parking Decal in the Cashiers Office /  Cook Administration Building - Room 212
  • Pick up your Parking Decal in the Parking Department / O & M Building 107-G  

*A second decal may be purchased for $5.00 solely for use on a second vehicle that is used by the purchaser of the first decal.  At the time of purchase of the second decal proof of insurance and Vehicle Registrations on that vehicle must be provided with the same address as the first vehicle's decal.  The second decal is for the personal use of the purchaser of the first decal and may not be sold, disseminated, or transferred for use by another person or vehicle. Decals must be affixed to the lower inside left corner of the driver’s side windshield.  Use of tape or other temporary placement may result in the issuance of a ticket and/or revocation of authorization of use.  Violation of this rule may result in revocation of parking privileges and disciplinary action against any such individual found in violation of this rule.

Questions?  Call the Parking Department at (773) 995-2141.