University Vehicles

The Parking Department maintains the university fleet per the following:

University Vehicle Use Policy

Posted 12-18-12

Purpose and Overall Controls

Chicago State University has implemented the Vehicle Use Policy in order to facilitate the monitoring of the university’s vehicle fleet. This policy and procedure is intended to establish appropriate controls in order to ensure that fleet vehicles are used for university business only.

  1. Centralized Control and Reconciler
    1. Chicago State University has designated the Parking and Fleet Manager, as the Vehicle Coordinator to monitor the use of State-owned and/or State-controlled vehicles. The fiscal officers over the departments that use University vehicles are required to cooperate fully with the Vehicle Coordinator in maintaining the proper control and administration of the University Fleet Vehicles.
    2. This responsibility includes monitoring their employee users and complying with the mandated daily mileage reporting requirements of vehicle usage.
  2. Driver Requirements
    1. Drivers must possess and present a valid driver's license issued in their state of residence.
    2. The driver's license needs to be appropriate for the type of University motor vehicle that the employee is authorized to drive.
    3. Drivers must agree to operate University motor vehicles in accordance with applicable State and Local laws, and University regulations.
    4. Drivers must maintain a vehicle mileage log of all vehicle usage.
  3. Vehicle Usage
    1. In accordance with Chapter 1, Section 5040.350 of the Illinois Administrative Code, University motor vehicles shall only be used for University business, and when authorized by the President, or designee, in accordance with this policy. Authorization includes full-time and part-time employees of the University operating a University motor vehicle as a part of their University employment duties.
    2. Unless a vehicle is assigned to a specific employee, each employee who is authorized to use a University vehicle is required to exercise due care and diligence in safeguarding and returning the vehicle to the university after business duties are performed; including parking and/or storing vehicles in a marked or designated stall near the Physical Plant Building after usage
  4. Take-Home Vehicles
    1. At the request of a department director, the University may authorize a vehicle to be taken home when it is clearly demonstrated it is in the benefit of the University; or in situations whereas an employee is precluded from obtaining advance approval due to an emergency. In those instances, a justification must be submitted to the University within a reasonable time.
  5. Individually Assigned Vehicles (IAVs)
    1. A University Fleet Vehicle may be assigned to a specific individual if authorized. Such authorization is to be granted only if one or more of the conditions are met:
      1. The vehicle is specially equipped to perform law enforcement services and the law enforcement employee is on call 24 hours a day.
      2. The employee’s work assignment requires traveling to numerous locations over a considerable territory with infrequent stops at the employee’s headquarters.
      3. When the employee is regularly subject to special or emergency calls from his/her residence during non-duty hours.
      4. When the employee has complied with the provisions of Illinois Vehicle Code (625 ILC 5/10-101(b) and the Illinois Administrative Code Title 44 Sec. 5040.500 certification form.
      5. Daily Vehicle Use Logs and Mileage Recording
        1. The University vehicle fleet is currently distributed among user departments. Each user department is responsible to carry out the policy and procedure as they relate to their respective department. This includes overseeing and authorizing each designated driver to ensure compliance with the University Vehicle Use Policy.
        2. The departments must require each authorized driver in the respective department to cooperate fully with the University in the effort to prevent unauthorized use.
        3. The departments must require each authorized driver to complete a daily trip record indicating usage date, operator name, departure mileage, and return mileage and forward all information to the Vehicle Coordinator.
        4. The University Fleet Vehicle Coordinator will obtain the required usage and mileage information from departments on each of their employees who is authorized to use a University vehicle.
        5. The Vehicle Coordinator will prepare and report vehicle usage and mileage information as requested.