Message from Dr. Wayne Watson

I am excited about the direction in which Chicago State University (CSU) is headed and feel honored and privileged to lead the charge towards a new and revitalized CSU. I come to Chicago State University committed to building a dynamic team, developing and implementing effective objectives and goals, establishing systems to meet the needs of our students and implementing appropriate strategies for a reformation that will result in a renaissance of CSU. Increasing enrollment, student retention, and graduation rates are our top priorities. CSU has a history of adding competitive and knowledgeable experts to the global workforce. It is our tradition to graduate responsible effective leaders of social change and citizens ready to contribute to society equipped with the solid foundation of values and principles taught at CSU.

I’ve met and listened carefully to faculty, staff, administrators, students, alumni, trustees and friends of Chicago State University. The information, insight and conviction communicated to me helped to outline my vision for Chicago State University. Allow me to share with you a few vignettes of my vision:

  • Chicago State University will excel in establishing a paradigm for students who have academic capabilities but have financial challenges.
  • Chicago State University will have a retention, recruitment and graduation rate that is both competitive and comparable.
  • Chicago State University is a predominantly African American institution and will continue its commitment to ethnic diversity by enhancing its efforts to ensure access and opportunity for all students.
  • Chicago State University will enhance the economic and workforce development of the Chicago metropolitan area.
  • Chicago State University will continue to expand on its basic and applied research grounded in social and environmental justice.
  • Chicago State University will create an educational atmosphere that has rigor and discipline in each and every academic program.
  • Chicago State University will provide its students with a safe, clean, educationally conducive campus environment in which to learn.
  • Chicago State University will provide 1,000 clean dormitory spaces, conducive to learning and living as well as make them available to students who are single and to those who have a family.
  • Chicago State University will provide a new natural science building to showcase the pillars of excellence that we have in biology, chemistry, physics and math.
  • Chicago State University will have an athletic program that is competitive and financially self reliant.
  • Chicago State University will be positioned to realize its full educational potential by a renaissance of spirit. CSU will move forward with a renewed spirit of revitalization.

Now is the time for the Chicago State University Renaissance to begin. We must collectively bring about this Renaissance by emphasizing strong leadership, shared governance, building on the strengths of the institution, restoring the integrity of the university and delivering a high quality educational process and product for our students. CSU is not just a physical site. It symbolically and collectively represents all the values, visions, hopes, dreams, spiritual, intellectual, and material culture that we have created and perpetuated over time as administrators, faculty, students, and staff.

I invite you to visit our beautiful campus and talk with our faculty and students.

I look forward to meeting many of you and hope to see you on campus soon.