Student Identity Verification Process

The verification of a student’s identity begins at the time of admission or initial course registration. When the student is initially accepted at CSU, a unique BANNER userid is created for the student.  The Identity and Access Management (IAM) system creates a new profile for the student. Students claim their account on an online system. During the account claiming process, students are required to enter their Student Id Number, Date of Birth and last name. This process allows the student to setup their own passwords which expire every 150 days.

Students are required to change or reset their passwords using the online system only. The Information Technology Department (ITD) assists students in resetting passwords if needed.

Access to the Course Management System is through Cougar Connect and requires the use of the student’s username and password. Data transmission of login information is secured using standard encryption technologies. Students are given information regarding best practices related to setting up and maintaining the security of passwords on the IAM screen.

Instructions to claim accounts and password resets can be found on the URL below:

The user account setup using this online IAM system can be used to access the following online resources at CSU:

  1. Computers in the CSU domain
  2. Cougar Connect (Intranet)
  3. Moodle Course Mangement System
  4. Course Evaluation
  5. Email
  6. Online Courses

The United States Federal Higher Education Opportunity Act, Public Law 110-315, requires colleges to establish policies to ensure that a student who registers in an online course is the same student who participates in and completes the program and receives academic credit for the course. When Chicago State University students enroll in an online course, their participation in the course is restricted to using the Moodle Course Management System which requires a secure login and password to enter.