University General Education Committee


The purpose of the University General Education Committee [GEC] is to monitor the University General Education requirements including the approval or disapproval of all proposed curricular modifications affecting these requirements and to coordinate and maintain relationship with other bodies that oversee the curriculum including the University Curriculum Coordinating Committee [UCCC], the General Education Assessment Committee [GEAC], and the Chair of each individual College Curriculum Committee. Curriculum modifications to be considered by the committee include proposed changes to the general education requirements as listed in the University catalogue as well as any changes that may potentially impact these requirements.

Bylaws/Operating Rules

Meeting Schedule/Frequency

The GEC meets every first Thursday of the month for the months of Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Feb, Mar, Apr, May. Any other meetings are called as needed.

Agendae of Meetings

Meeting agenda are emailed to committee members approximately one week in advance of the meeting.

Minutes of Meetings

Composition of the Committee

The GEC is a university-wide committee that is composed of voting members who are tenured/tenure-track faculty and ex-officio members representing specific administrative and faculty positions that have responsibilities for the general education curriculum (see bylaws for exact composition). The GEC's voting members are chosen by an election, and voting members serve a three-year term (see bylaws for election procedures).


Voting Members

A. By 3-Year Term

Fall 2011 – Spring 2014
Kamesha Khan (CAS – Humanities (English))1
Sarah Buck (COE)
Quintin Williams (CHSc)2
vacant (COB)
Rosalind Fielder (Library)

Fall 2012 – Spring 2015
Amber Wise2 (CAS – Math/Nat. Sci.)
Steve Rowe (CAS – Social Sciences)
Monique Germain (CHSc)
Evelyne Delgado-Norris (Foreign Languages)
vacant (COB)

Fall 2013 – Spring 2016
Shaila Christofferson (CAS – Humanities)
Liz Osika (COE)
Victor Akatsa2 (CAS – Math/Nat. Sci. (Math))
Tiffany Davis (CAS – Social Sciences)

B. By Area of Representation

Shaila Christoffersonschristo@csu.eduCAS - Humanities2013 - 2016
Kamesha Khankjacks25@csu.eduCAS - Humanities (English)2011 - 2014
Victor Akatsa2vakatsa@csu.eduCAS - Math/Nat. Sci. (Math)2013 - 2016
Amber Wise2awise@csu.eduCAS - Math/Nat. Sci.2012 - 2015
Steve Rowes-rowe@csu.eduCAS - Social Sciences2012 - 2015
Tiffany Davistdavis46@csu.eduCAS - Social Sciences2013 - 2016
Liz Osikaeosika@csu.eduCOE2013 - 2016
Sarah Bucksbuck@csu.eduCOE2012 - 2014
Monique Germainmgermain@csu.eduCHSc2012 - 2015
Quintin Williams2qwilli22@csu.eduCHSc2012 - 2014
vacant COB2011 - 2014
vacant COB2012 - 2015
Evelyne Delgado-Norrisenorris@csu.eduForeign Languages2012 - 2015
Rosalind Fielderrfielder@csu.eduLibrary2011 - 2014

1 Upon completion of term, this position will be filled by a faculty member from the discipline of English.
2 Temporary member selected by GEC in consultation with department/college for 2013-2014 academic year only.

Ex-Officio Members

Angela Hendersonprovost@csu.eduInterim Provost
Bernie Rowantrowanii@csu.eduAcademic Affairs3
David Kanisdkanis@csu.eduInterim Dean of CAS
Yan Searcyysearcy@csu.eduInterim Associate Dean of CAS
Janet Halpinjhalpin@csu.eduInterim Associate Dean of CAS
Omar Headenoheaden@csu.eduInterim Dean of the Honors College
Dawn Liddicoattm-liddicoatt@csu.eduDirector of Teacher Certification
Matt Harrisonmharri42@csu.eduDirector of Evaluations
Nellie Maynardnmaynard@csu.eduInterim Dean of Continuing Education & Non-Traditional Degree Programs
Mark Sudeithmsudeith@csu.eduChair of the GEAC
Philip Croncepcronce@csu.eduChair of the UCCC
vacant Faculty Senate Representative
Devil Potlurivpotluri@csu.eduOutgoing Chair of the GEC

Officers for 2013-2014 (Elected at Meeting on September 5, 2013)

Chair: Steve Rowe
Vice-Chair: Rosalind Fielder
Secretary: Shaila Christofferson

GEAC Representatives Participating in Course Review Process

Eddy Gaytan
Das Janssen

3 Asst. Provost for Articulation is listed as an ex-officio position in the current GEC bylaws, but there is no such title in Academic Affairs (and there hasn't been for quite some time). GEC bylaws should be ammended to indicate simply a representative from Academic Affairs (i.e. chosen by the Provost).