Advisory Council

The Alumni Council Advisory Board comprises a group of alumni focused on developing strong social and entrepreneurial networks for CSU students, recent graduates, and alumni.


Members of the Alumni Council Advisory Board support the work of Chicago State University (CSU) and Chicago State Foundation (CSF) and provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance. The Alumni Council Advisory Board works in accordance with the mission to advance the interests and welfare of Chicago State University by building relationships, securing philanthropic support, stewarding assets and otherwise procuring private support on behalf of the University. The term of office for each Alumni Council Advisory Board member shall be one (1) year from the date of appointment. Interested candidates should contact Erika Soria, Director of Alumni & Individual Engagement at


CSF Welcomes the Inaugural Alumni Council Advisory Board Members

Lazarus Goosby

Lazarus Goosby '09

Alumni Council President, Internal Advisor Consultant, Nuveen

Christopher Cook

Christopher Cook '17

Assistant Coordinator for Success U Program, CSU

Tiffany Davis

Tiffany Davis '99

Department Chairperson & Associate Professor of Sociology, CSU


Aquinas Early

Aquinas Early '02

Account Director, Flowers Communications Group

Valerie Goss

Dr. Valerie Goss '96

Department of Chemistry, Physics & Engineering Studies, CSU

Nayshon T. Mosley

Dr. Nayshon Mosley '14

Executive Director of TRIO Programs, CSU


Rana Nemri

Rana Nemri '15

Office of Budget & Resource Planning, CSU

Robert "Bob" Szyman

Robert "Bob" Szyman Ph.D.'69 & 71

Professor of Physical Education, CSU

Yvette Warren

Yvette Warren '01

Chief Excellence Officer and Owner, Vette Style Inc.


Kenneth Webb

Kenneth Webb, Sr '89

President and CEO, Fact Finders Group, Inc.