Founder's Day 1867
annual giving

The Importance of Alumni Giving

Why give to your alma mater? Because you know better than anyone what a CSU education can do. 

To Support Students

There are approximately 1,867 (CSU Founding Date) reasons to support Chicago State University. For close to 150 years, CSU students have spent their days engaging in lively discussions with professors and classmates, conducting research in laboratories, competing on athletic fields, and working in the community. To continue this rich tradition, they need your support.

To Help CSU Maintain its Standard of Excellence

Financial support is central to CSU’s efforts to recruit and retain the best faculty and staff members. In addition, the University must keep its curriculum, technology, facilities, and equipment up to date if it is to provide the highest quality of education.

To Provide Your Vote of Confidence

No matter the size, every gift matters and makes a difference.  Your support serves as a positive vote for the future of CSU and its students. For the alumni community, a contribution is the only measure by which the University can determine customer satisfaction and approval, and the overall alumni giving percentage is used by organizations, such as U.S. News & World Report to formulate college rankings.


Alumni Profiles

Below are some of CSU's past and recent alumni:

 Katrinka Knerr, Class of '13

"As an alum, I can complete my goals and give for the future."
Katrinka Knerr, Class of '13


 John Meyer, Class of '87

"I gave so others can accomplish their dreams."
John Meyer, Class of '87