The University Assessment Committee 

The University Assessment Committee is charged with providing oversight and assistance to both academic and non-­‐instructional units in regards to all assessment-­related activities on campus. The committee is composed of faculty, administrators, and staff that are knowledgeable about the fundamental importance of assessment and the types of assessment processes that can facilitate appropriate decision-­‐making to improve student learning, both directly and indirectly. The committee also understands the important role both instructional and non-­‐instructional units have in improving student learning for the constituents that the university serves and works towards engaging all relevant campus entities in assessment activities towards that end. The University Assessment Committee meets twice a month during the regular academic year and during the summer when necessary and engages in the following activities:

  1.  Develop and facilitate assessment-­‐related workshops for all appropriate unit / department representat ives who are charged with overseeing assessment activities (e.g., assessment coordinators for the majors; general education; and non -­‐instructional units)
  2. Offers consultation to units and / or departments upon request. Consultation can Involve providing information on assessment processes, gathering assessment evidence, engaging faculty and / or staff in assessment decision -­‐ making, etc.
  3. Facilitate an Assessment Coordinators meeting each semester for the purpose of disseminating updated information regarding assessment planning / reporting guidelines, forms, submission processes, timelines, etc.
  4. Review all submitted annual assessment reports to assist academic and non-­‐instructional units with improving reporting content as it relates to HLC student learning-­‐related criteria.
  5. Collect and aggregate annually, all assessment plans, reports, and other related documents for the purpose of record keeping and providing documentation for future accrediting visits.
  6. Participate in professional development activities, when applicable, that provide current trends in assessment (e.g., NCA /HLC sponsored events), to assist university constituents with assessment -­‐related issues linked to improving student learning and accreditation.
  7. Generate periodic assessment-­‐related reports for university administrators and other constituencies that provide an overview of the level of assessment activity and decision  making, based on assessment results, that is taking place campus-­‐wide. 

The University Assessment Committee chair acts on be half of the committee and is spokes person when attending administrative meetings (e.g., Provost Council and HLC Self Study Steering Committee) and provides information and consults with the committee prior to policy and/or programming decisions that impact the committee’s functions.