College of Arts & Sciences Curriculum Committee


The College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee facilitates the college's academic mission by providing a forum for dialogue about curriculum transformation and by maintaining curriculum integrity through reviewing and approving proposals for changes in the curriculum.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held the last Thursday of each month.

Program Representative
African American Studies Kelly Harris
History Suzuko Morikawa
Sociology Louis Pancho McFarland
Geography Tekleab Gala
Art and Design Shaila Christofferson
Communications, Media Arts, and Theatre Kamesha Khan
Psychology James Davis
Liberal Studies Janet Halpin
Chemistry Kristy Mardis
Philosophy Das Janssen  
Physics and Engineering Austin Harton
Mathematics Asmamaw Yimer
Computer Science Jan-Jo Chen (undergrad) Johng-Chren Chren (grad)
English Brenda Aghahowa
Foreign Languages Evelyn Delgado Norris
Music Pharez Whitted
Criminal Justice Douglas Thomson
Biological Sciences Kevin Swier
Political Science Carol Leach
Social Work Chedgzsey Smith-McKeever



Frequently Asked Questions

When are the forms due?

The Thursday before the meeting by 5:00 p.m.

What forms are necessary?

Adding/Deleting/Changing a Course: Forms 3 and 4

Making Program Modifications: Forms 1 and 2

How do I get the forms to the chair?

Email forms 2 and 4 to the chair (

Bring forms 1 and 3 to the meeting WITH SIGNATURES!

What does TOTAL Contact Hours Mean?

This is the number of hours the class will meet (in all formats) PER WEEK.

Do I have to complete all sections of the form?

No, if you are not changing something (for example the catalog description or the pre-reqs), do not enter the information. Only include what is changing.

Do I need the syllabus or other materials?

The Committee appreciates a syllabus for a new course along with other educational materials (book title, learning objectives, etc) but they are not strictly required. The committee reserves the right to ask for additional material and table the motion for a month.

Where are my forms??!!

After approval by the committee, the chair signs the forms and takes them to the Dean's office. She tries to do this by the following Tuesday afternoon. The Dean's office then moves the forms on to the next office; generally within a week.