Early Childhood and Bilingual Education

The Early Childhood and Bilingual Education Department (ECBE) is a department which prepares knowledgeable and competent educational professionals who are dedicated to serving and advocating for culturally, linguistically and ability diverse children and their families. The department’s programs expose students to research and evidence-based practices that promote critical thinking, informed decision making and implementation of best practices to ensure our graduates’ success and optimum education and development of the children and families which they will serve professionally.  The Department is committed to teaching, research, service and community engagement including social justice, leadership and entrepreneurship.

The department includes undergraduate, graduate, and approval/endorsement programs for two distinct, yet theoretical and philosophically related and compatible, disciplines:

  • Early Childhood-Primary Education
  • Bilingual Education

Each discipline has available both teacher licensure and non-licensure options for their undergraduate and graduate degree programs as well as endorsements and approvals.