Community Outreach and Field Placement Services (COFPS)

The table below shows recruitment and community outreach efforts in which COFPS engaged in during spring 2018-Summer 2019. Office staff visited and distributed recruitment literature to several sites. The college attended a meeting for principals and distributed recruitment literature there as well. We’ve had hundreds of high school students to tour our campus and we encouraged them to consider Chicago State University for their higher education.  In addition to hosting ACT and writing workshops for students, COFP recruited faculty members for the university’s master’s and doctoral programs. Throughout the year, we host and partake in numerous events in hopes of servicing our students and our outlying community.

COFPS- Community Outreach and Recruitment Efforts 
High School Visits  
Elementary School Visits  
Early Child Site Visits  
Number of K-12 Students Hosted during Campus Visits  
Community Groups Invited to Campus  
On-Campus Fairs in which we Participated   
CTRE Collaborations