Background Check Procedure

CPS Field Experience Registration Guide 2012 V3 (pdf)

Registration for CPS – Submission Procedure for Criminal Background Check & TB Test Results

Student Teaching

CPS- When is Each Item Due?

All three items must be completed within our 90-day registration window (April 1 – June 30). Results outside of this window will not be accepted. TB Test and Criminal Background Check should be completed first! Once completed, you will go on-line and complete the CPS Student Teacher Registration Process. Remember, you will be required to upload your TB Test results to your on-line registration profile, as well as enter fingerprint information from your Accurate Biometrics fingerprinting receipt. You won’t be able to complete the on-line registration profile without entering the TB and fingerprint information unless you are a current CPS Employee.

CPS- How Do I Submit My Hard – Copy Forms?

The CPS Student Teaching Program no longer accepts hard-copy forms of your TB Test Results and/or Accurate Biometrics Receipt. This information should be entered in the CPS on-line Student Teacher registration profile. The only hard-copy item we accept are fingerprint results from your university. CPS has agreed to accept fingerprint results from those universities that already print students as long as they meet our 90-day fingerprinting requirement. If your university does not fingerprint you or results are outside of our 90-day window, please utilize our fingerprint directions and forms to be re-printed.

CPS - How Will I Know if I am Approved?

Upon successful completion of the on-line registration profile, TB test and criminal background check, you will receive a Report to Service email from the CPS Student Teaching Program. Please print and be prepared to present the day you report to your student teaching assignment within CPS. For questions about the CPS Student Teaching Program or for more information, please email us at:

Pre-Clinical Background Check Procedure

Please click on the link below - the Accurate Biometrics Form to obtain the CPS Background Check.