Chicago State University

Student Services - FAQ

What test can the TDC help me prepare for?

The TDC will help you prepare for the:

  • Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP)

How can I schedule one-on-one tutoring?

A schedule will be posted soon. Contact the Dean's office for additional information at 773.995.4457

Is there a fee for tutoring?

No, not for CSU students and alumni. 

Are there other ways I can prepare for tests?

  • Go to all of your classes and study regularly.
  • Use the online resource guide posted in the lab or in the Dean's Office

Can I take the TAP at CSU?

Yes, you can schedule an appointment with Ms. Montgomery in ED 208 or call 773.995.2598

Can I be a tutor?

Yes, pass the TAP exam! Next, apply as a student worker with Mr. Keith Hooker for work study opportunities. 773.995.4520