M.A. Educational Leadership and Administration Higher Education Administration Option

Degree Purpose

The purpose of the Master’s of Arts in Educational Leadership and Administration Degree is to prepare individuals for educational administrative and supervisory positions at the middle management level.

Program Option Goal

The goal of the Higher Education Administration program option is to prepare individuals for entry and mid-level managerial or research positions offered at community, senior colleges and universities.  This option is also intended to improve the skills of those individuals who currently serve in administrative positions at such institutions.

Program Requirements

The program option requires 36 semester hours of coursework, which includes the practicum experiences as well as the Master’s Thesis.  In addition to the coursework, there are required complete program assessments such as, LiveText, a Comprehensive Examand an electronic Professional Portfolio.


Upon completion of the program, individuals will receive a M.A. in Educational Leadership and Administration, and will qualify for higher education administrative careers which may include the following:  Research Assistant, Program Director, Student Services Director and Curriculum Coordinator.

Application Procedure

To apply to admissions to the program, students should: contact the Graduate School Office at Chicago State University, (773) 995-2404 and request an application packet or visit here. Official transcripts from all institutions previously attended are required.

Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting the university’s general admission requirements, the applicant must: A. have an earned bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university; B. have a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a four-point grading scale; C. provide written verification of two full years of educational work-related experience from a school district or higher education personnel officer; D. provide two letters of recommendation from two different school administrators and/or supervisors who are familiar with the applicant’s educational work related experience.

Courses Required
ELCF 5010: Curr. Dev. And Learning Theories 3 cr
ELCF 5130: Human Relations & Leadership 3 cr
ELCF 5380: Collective Negotiations 3 cr
ELCF 5400: Higher Ed Admin Law 3 cr
ELCF 5410: Proposal Dev Gov & Priv Fund 3 cr
ELCF 5600: Seminar Finan & Budget Higher Ed 3 cr
ELCF 5920: Organization & Governance Higher Ed 3 cr
ELCF 5930: Higher Ed. Admin & Evaluation 3 cr
ELCF 5780: Practicum I: Higher Ed Admin (24 credit hr.  Prerequisite) ** 3 cr
ED 5960: Fundamentals of Educational Research 3 cr
ELCF 5790: Practicum II: Higher Ed Admin (Practicum I Prerequisite) ** 3 cr
ELCF 5660: Master’s Thesis 3 cr
Additional Requirements for Completion of Degree
Comprehensive Examination (24 credit hr. Prerequisite) **
Professional Portfolio

**Note: Students must complete 24 credit hours before they are allowed into this portion of the program.  An application has to be completed and submitted prior to registration.

Contact: Graduate Programs in Education Department (GPED) at (773) 995-2086