Licensure Services

Licensed Teacher Helping Student

Welcome to the Office of Licensure Services.

Our mission is to provide prospective candidates, current students and licensed educators with information and support services related to licensure programs and subsequent endorsements. 


Our office provides the following services:

  • Provide program information and transcript evaluations for post baccalaureate candidates seeking initial teaching licensure.
  • Process applications and advise licensed teachers seeking subsequent endorsements.
  • Process applications of post baccalaureate (non-degree seeking) candidates applying to the university for admission to initial licensure programs. Undergraduate students should apply for admission through the university’s Undergraduate Office Admissions. Graduate students should apply through the university’s Graduates School Admissions
  • Process applications for formal admission to the College of Education (initial licensure programs).

Recommend all program completers to Illinois State Board of Education for licensure entitlement upon successful completion of program requirements including all licensure tests and assessments

Subsequent teaching endorsements can be added to an educator’s Professional Education license (PEL). The College of Education at Chicago State University offers most courses to meet the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) endorsement requirements, which are subject to change.  Up to date ISBE endorsement information is available at this link.

The most commonly-requested endorsements include Driver Education & Safety, Health Education, Physical Education, Library Information Specialist, and Learning Behavior Specialist I.   

The Office of Licensure Services can assist teachers in identifying which courses at CSU meet specific endorsement requirements. Contact the Office of Licensure Services to set up an appointment to review your transcript and/or your ISBE deficiency statement.

Licensed teachers may qualify for a waiver of formal admission to the College if they provide a current State of Illinois Professional Educator License to the Licensure Services Office, along with an application. The following licenses do not qualify for this exemption: substitute, transitional bilingual, provisional, vocational, administrative or school service personnel.   If the teacher registers for a course that has a field experience requirement, they may submit proof of employment in a school setting and evidence to demonstrate a "clear" background check to satisfy the background check requirement.

All professional educator licensure programs require passing a state licensure content area test. The Learning Behavior Specialist I program also requires passing the Special Education General Curriculum Test. Teacher educator initial licensure programs also require an Assessment of Professional Teaching (edTPA). All state licensure tests are required at specific times in the educator preparation programs.

The state licensure content area tests are administered by the Illinois Licensure Testing System (ILTS). Registration, information, and study guides can be found here.

Content-Area Test


Initial Licensure Teacher Education Programs

Must pass before student teaching.

Advanced programs

Must pass before specified internship: please check with your program for requirement.

240 = passing score

Assessment of Professional Teaching (edTPA)


Initial Licensure Programs


Must pass before completing student teaching.

Special Education General Curriculum Test


Initial LBS I program

Must pass before student teaching.

Advanced LBS I program

Must take after completing first three courses (SED 5304,5476,5477); if not passed, student must complete ELED methods courses then retake; Must pass before completing SED 5492.

240 = passing score

Test Schedules, Registration, Frameworks, Scoring Information, and Study Guides can be found HERE.

Illinois State Board of Education

Candidates with an Out of State Educator License

  • Illinois offers full reciprocity for all endorsements listed on a valid, comparable out-of-state license. To add subsequent endorsements to your Professional Educator License (PEL) via reciprocity, please apply for the endorsement through your Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS) account and provide a copy of your valid, comparable out-of-state license. ​More information is available on the Illinois State Board of Education website.