Curriculum Pattern

The curriculum pattern for the MPH program in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention is presented below:

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
First Year
Fall Semester Credit Hours
PUBH 5110 - Fundamentals of Public Health Practice 3
PUBH 5111-Biostatistics and  Computer Applications 3
PUBH 5112- Environmental Health and Safety 3
PUBH 5113- Epidemiology 3
PUBH -5126- Biological Basis of Public Health**For non-health science professional admitted into the MPH program 3
Total: 12 or 15
Spring Semester
PUBH 5114-Principles of Health Policy and Management 3
PUBH 5115-Behavioral, Social and Cultural Aspects of Health Disparities 3
PUBH 5116-Community Health Risk Assessment 3
PUBH 5117 -Research Methods 3
Total: 12
Summer Semester (Optional)
PUBH 5122-Field Practicum I /Capstone Project 3
Total: 12
Second Year
Fall Semester
PUBH 5118-Health Education and Community Advocacy 3
PUBH 5120-Principles, Theories & Practice in Behavioral Change 3
PUBH 5122-Field Practicum I/Capstone Project OR PUBH 5124-Field Practicum/Thesis Proposal 3
PUBH 5128-Health Issues in Minority Populations 3
Total: 12
Spring Semester
PUBH 5121-Ethical & Legal Issues in Public Health 3
PUBH 5123- Field Practicum II & Capstone Paper or 5125 Thesis Research and Defense 3
PUBH 5132- HIV/AIDS in People of Color: Evidence –based Interventions PUBH-Elective 3
Public Health  Elective 3
Total: 48 or 51