Transfer Admission from Another College of Pharmacy

The CSU–COP may accept transfer students from other accredited pharmacy colleges and schools as long as these students are in good academic standing and have legitimate reasons for seeking a transfer.

All requests for transfer information should be referred to the CSU-COP Office of Student Affairs so that the potential transfer applicant can be counseled prior to submitting an application.

To be considered for transfer, a student must meet the College’s general requirements for admission. He/she must also submit the following:

  1. A letter to the CSU-COP Office of Student Affairs indicating why he/she wishes to transfer and explaining any difficulties encountered at his/her current institution;
  2. Complete the CSU-COP Supplemental Application
  3. Official transcripts from all schools attended - undergraduate, graduate, and professional;
  4. A catalog and a detailed syllabus for any courses for which advanced standing consideration is requested;
  5. A letter from the dean of the pharmacy college or school in which the student is enrolled. The letter must indicate the student’s current academic status and/or terms of withdrawal/dismissal.  The letter must be sent directly from the college/school to the Chicago State University College of Pharmacy Office of Student Affairs.
  6. Additional documents or letters of recommendation as determined necessary by the Admissions Committee of the CSU–COP.
  7. Complete CSU-COP Interview

If the review is positive, the Admissions Committee will interview the transfer student applicant. The Admissions Committee will provide its recommendation for admission to the Dean.