Interpreter/Note taker Service Agreement

When requesting interpreter and note taker services through the Abilities Office, it is important that you understand and follow these office procedures and regulations:

How To Request Services: Set up an appointment with the Coordinator of Abilities Services and bring with you current documentation of your disability. Requests for interpreters should be made as soon as you are officially registered for classes for the semester.  Students who require interpreters should register during early registration to allow time to acquire qualified interpreters for their classes.  During the semester, if there is a need to request additional interpreter services outside of class time (for special events on campus, appointments with advisors, etc.) Requests must be made a minimum of ten (10) business days prior to the scheduled event. Date, time, and location must be included in the request along with the name of the event/class.

Interpreter Duties: The interpreter sits near the instructor, facing the student, and interprets all spoken and signed communication in the classroom. The interpreter cannot give opinions or advice, and cannot chat with you during class time. The interpreter also cannot answer your questions about the class, but will interpret if the student needs to ask the instructor questions. If there are any concerns about the interpreter, the Coordinator of Abilities Services should be notified immediately.  The interpreter does not speak for the student.  If the instructor or classmates have questions, they should direct their questions to the student and the interpreter will sign the questions and voice the answers for the student.

Note Taker Duties: The note taker writes down information given in the lecture and written on the board. The notes should be complete and clear. If the student has any questions about the notes, they should communicate these questions to the Note Taker after class. If there are concerns about the quality of the notes  received please inform the Coordinator of Abilities Services immediately.

What To Do if Interpreter or Note Taker is Absent : The Abilities Office will make every attempt to work with the professor to have a Note Taker assigned as soon as possible. After a Note Taker has been identified and a interpreter assigned, if the student goes to class, and the interpreter or Note Taker is absent the student should notify the professor and the Abilities Office as soon as possible. 

What Must You Do If You Will Be Absent: A student who has requested interpreter services and then finds that he or she will not be attending the class or event in question, must cancel the arrangements by notifying the Abilities Office at least two (2) business days prior to the class or event is to take place.  They can notify the office by e-mail  abilities@csu.edu  or phone 773-995-2380. 

If a student has not arrived fifteen (15) minutes after a class session or event is scheduled to begin, the interpreter will leave and the student will be considered ''absent.'' (For classes that are two hours or longer, the grace time is 30 minutes.)

Suspension of Services: If a student has more than three (3) absences in a given course, he or she will be notified that interpreting and note taking services for that course will be suspended.  The services will only be resumed for the semester after the student has a meeting with the Coordinator.

Dropping A Class:  If the student plans to drop a class, they should immediately inform the coordinator of Abilities Services so that the interpreter and/or note taker services for that class may be canceled.

Exam Proctoring Policy

The Abilities Office is responsible for proctoring exams per the faculty member's instructions. (All exams taken in the Abilities Office are proctored). These instructions are documented and kept on file. The instructions are reviewed with the student before taking the exam. The student is responsible for following those instructions at all times. Any suspected evidence of cheating will be documented and reported immediately to the faculty member. As a result of this the student may be charged with academic misconduct.