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A student must self-identify with the Abilities Office.  All services require advance notice and are not retroactive. Services and accommodations do not include the following: personal attendants, individually prescribed devices, or readers/typists for personal use or study time. 


Verifying Eligibility and Determining Reasonable Academic Accommodations

It is the student’s responsibility to identify himself/herself to The Abilities Office and to provide acceptable documentation of one or more disabilities. Strict documentation guidelines exist for different types of disabilities and require a current diagnosis, prognosis, and explanation of how the disability may impact the student’s academic performance.

*Date of most recent documentation of a disability may be a factor in determining its relevance in decisions about accommodations. It is in the individual’s best interest to provide the Abilities Office with documentation updates as they become available; additionally, individuals should update their documentation at least every three years, especially if they plan to request accommodations in other situations (i.e., graduate programs, licensure exams, employment). 

The Assistant Director of the Abilities Office coordinator will determine appropriate accommodations/academic adjustments and services through an iterative process based upon the nature of the disability and the student's academic needs. Services for students of the Abilities Office include, but are not limited to:

  • Initial intake interview and orientation to the Abilities Office
  • Consultation and Advising--confidential consultations and advisement are available for faculty, staff, students and other University affiliates
  • Accessible Classroom
  • Adaptive/Assistive Technology (Software)
  • Alternative Testing
  • Alternative Text Formats
  • Note Taking Assistance
  • Coordination with Parking Services
  • Coordination with Transportation Services
  • Coordination with Learning Assistance Center
  • Reader/Scribe Services
  • Sign Language Interpreters/Captionists
  • Textbooks in Alternative Format
  • Registration of Assistance Animals
  • Registration of Service Animals
  • Equipment Loans
  • Computer Lab with Adaptive Software
  • Verification of disability for board examinations
  • Virtual test proctoring

Most students will follow a similar process or series of steps as accommodations are determined and coordinated.  The student will receive an email indicating that student's current status as detailed below.  Students can keep track of where they are in the process by referring to this section.  Additionally, University Partnerscan use this section to help support the student's progression through the process.

UNVERIFIED ACTION REQUIRED—documentation has not been received or the documentation has been reviewed and does not meet documentation guidelines.  Student may be referred for external resources (i.e., DRS) at this status.

UNDER REVIEW—Accommodation request has been received.  Disability documentation is on file. 

  • Student completes the intake interview

PENDING--Abilities Office sends one or more of the following documents to student for signatures.

  • Student receives an email via Adobe Sign with the following documents:
    • STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES (requires review, initials and signature)
    • DOCUMENTATION REVIEW (requires review, and signature)
    • DOCUMENTATION GUIDELINES (for your records/no signature required)
    • ACCOMMODATION AGREEMENT (requires review, and signature)
    • ADDITIONAL POLICIES (as applicable) (requires review, and signature)

IN PROCESS—All “PENDING” documents have been signed by student and received by AO.

  • The student receives an email with Accommodation Letters (and other documents as required)
  • Each letter/document is individually addressed to the course instructor per student’s current schedule.
  • Once the student signs the letter/document, the letter is moved on to the professor for a signature
    • If the student DOES NOT want a certain professor to receive the letter, the student SHOULD NOT sign that letter. The letter WILL NOT go to the individual professor if the student does not sign.
  • Student will receive an email with a link to a document that indicates the student has received signed documents from all professors. The student is not fully ACTIVE until this document has been completed and received by the AO.

ACTIVE—Student completes ACTIVE ACCOMMODATIONS attestation form.  Student is ACTIVE for this semester.