Minding My Mental Health

Conflict Resolution

Learning to resolve conflicts as a college student is an essential life skill that can build character and confidence. Creating new relationships with peers, faculty, and staff can be both rewarding and challenging.  Maintaining relationships with family and friends while focusing on academics can also be a struggle.  The following presentation provides helpful tools to successfully navigate those relationships that can lead to distress. For more information Download PowerPoint

Disarming Anger

Owning anger experiences has a direct impact on gaining emotional control in one's life. Anger is a complicated emotion that can be difficult to describe and can be connected to shame, embarrassment, unsafety, feeling overwhelmed, physical exhaustion, vulnerability, and a range of other experiences. The following presentation provides helpful tools and resources to successfully disarm anger. For more information Download PowerPoint

Stress Management

College can be an exciting, but stressful time. Typically, stress is viewed as a negative thing to avoid, but it's important to remember that stress can be beneficial if we use it to motivate us.  The Stress Management video provides insight, awareness, and tools to effectively manage stress levels. For more information Download PowerPoint

Racial Healing: Creating Space For Wellness Throughout College

Navigating life in the pandemic has been difficult for everyone; however, persons of color have been the recipients of the harmful impact of the health, economic, and educational consequences of this time. Specifically, during the pandemic BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) students have reported an increase in incidents of bias and a lack of support. 

This session will provide you with information on the types of issues BIPOC students face, coping strategies for maintaining physical and emotional well-being. Watch here